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3 Reasons to Seek a Chiropractor for Muscle Spasms

Written By Active Health on April 19, 2021

rsz chiropractorWhen it comes to muscle spasms, a swift appropriate treatment is critical to getting relief and avoiding permanent damage. The key is promoting optimal blood flow so your body can mitigate inflammation, flush out cellular debris, and bring in healing nutrients.

This kind of healing is something you generally don’t find in a bottle; you find it through the expert care of a chiropractor. Research shows chiropractors help alleviate muscle spasms in three ways.

1. Adjustments Ease the Tightness Causing Muscle Spasms

Chronically tight muscles can lead to spasms. Regular chiropractic care by nature helps keep you loose, which means less pressure on your nerves and soft tissue. If your body is particularly tight, Active Health may turn you over to our massage therapy team (in-house). 

It’s critical to swiftly treat inflammation brought on by pinched nerves to avoid permanent damage. Otherwise, regularly scheduled care is often sufficient to bring relief and quell inflammation.

2. Chiropractors Can Suggest A Nutrition Regimen for Muscle Spasms

Sometimes the solution to eliminating muscle spasms is as simple as learning some proper stretching techniques, drinking more water, or correcting a nutrient deficiency. 

Muscles and corresponding nerves need a wide array of nutrients to both move and relax. The most common spasm-inducing deficiency is magnesium. Potassium is another common one. 

Water is critical to carrying electrolytes (magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc) to your muscles. So even if you ingest more electrolytes, you need adequate water intake for them to get to your muscles.

3. Adjustments Can Help Your Body Stop Spasming

There is ample research on chiropractic adjustments and their ability to help you stop spasming. This often-cited 2002 study followed patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, trigger point pain and fibromyalgia who began chiropractic care. Results showed they were able to get their lives back within several adjustments and stayed mobile even a year later. Studies also show that chiropractic often provides much-needed pain relief for the aforementioned conditions.

Chiropractic can stop spasming because the right adjustment in the right place can alleviate muscle tightness triggering spasms. Spasms often happen in the first place because tight muscles interfere with nerve signaling. Our doctors will check in on your nutrition and hydration, and evaluate you for muscle tightness to help us get to the root cause of your spasms.

Active Health Is Ready to Help You With Your Muscle Spasms

We at Active Health value a safe, natural approach to helping your body correct muscle spasms. Muscle relaxers force your body to behave a certain way; however, spasms are the body’s way of crying out for help. 

We go in and take care of the root of your muscle spasms so your body can calm down, heal up, and get you going again.

In or around the North Palm Beach, FL area or have questions? Give Active Health a call at 561-842-2273 to schedule an appointment and/or speak with an expert.


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