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Shoulder Pain Treatment in North Palm Beach

Written By Active Health on January 24, 2022

Shoulder Pain Treatment Active Health

You try to swing your golf club or reach for something on a high shelf, and suddenly it hits—shoulder pain. Shoulder pain can happen as the result of an acute injury or it can result from wear and tear, building up over time. 

Fortunately, at Active Health, our multidisciplinary approach to shoulder pain treatment in North Palm Beach gets you back to your usual activities without the need for pain medications that can cause severe side effects. 

Here is what you need to know about shoulder pain and the available treatment options. 

Causes of Shoulder Pain

In the case of an acute injury, like a fracture or sprain, pain will appear in the area of the injury and usually resolve as the injury heals. However, it is more common for shoulder pain to occur as the result of wear and tear, leading to a degenerative problem, like arthritis, tendonitis, or bursitis. These conditions usually get worse over time without treatment, causing pain that may escalate to the point of preventing you from lifting your arm or otherwise using your shoulder. Pain, stiffness, and the feeling of bone rubbing on bone are all common symptoms with shoulder injuries. 

Shoulder Pain Treatment

The first step in shoulder pain treatment is to determine the cause of the symptoms. Dr. Weinberg and the Active Health team of multidisciplinary providers will pinpoint the triggers for your shoulder pain so that they can tailor the treatments specifically to your needs. Typically, patients get the best benefits from an integrated approach to care that combines therapies to get results. 

At Active Health, our shoulder pain treatments in North Palm Beach include gentle chiropractic care, ultrasound, electrotherapy, cold laser therapy, and corrective exercise. Manual therapy and massage can also help, particularly when muscles and soft tissue are involved. Our team is focused on addressing the underlying cause of your pain without medications, so you don’t just mask the symptoms and instead truly heal. 

Shoulder Pain Treatment in North Palm Beach Is Available Now

Don’t let your shoulder pain get worse while you try to ignore it. Active Health provides effective, evidence-based remedies for shoulder pain in our North Palm Beach office. Make an appointment with one of our experienced providers by calling (561) 842-2273, or visit our website to request an office visit. 

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