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Treating Osteoporosis Without Medication

Written By Active Health on August 24, 2021

What Is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis Treatment North Palm Beach FL

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects bone strength and density. When bones are affected by osteoporosis, they become more porous, meaning that the tiny holes that are naturally found within these bones become larger, leaving less mass. This causes bones to become thinner, more fragile, and more susceptible to injury. 

This by itself is a dangerous condition, but the risks associated with osteoporosis are exacerbated by the fact that symptoms are almost impossible to detect until the condition is significantly developed. The multifaceted chiropractic and physical therapy team at Active Health in North Palm Beach, Florida, with over 100 years of combined experience, is equipped to provide treatment options for osteoporosis beyond pharmaceutical medication. 

Potential Negative Effects of Osteoporosis Medication

Osteoporosis should not be left untreated. However, there are risks associated with traditional osteoporosis medication. Said medication generally strengthens the outside of the bone, which is important, but leaves the inside of the bone untreated. In cases like this, while the density of the bone does increase somewhat, the bone is not re-formed with the proper structure. Osteoporosis medication may also cause the patient to feel nauseated. 

At Active Health, we take an integrated approach to patient care, utilizing modern treatment options that reduce risk and maximize benefits for our clients. Two of these cutting-edge osteoporosis treatment options are bioDensity™ and the Power Plate™.

What Are bioDensity™ and Power Plate™?

BioDensity™ and Power Plate™ are state-of-the-art technologies in osteoporosis care. Unlike traditional medication, bioDensity™ follows the natural progression of bone development by stimulating growth from the inside out – not the other way around. 

BioDensity™ and Power Plate™ together form the ultimate defense against osteoporosis by promoting bone density, balance, and muscle strength. BioDensity™ and Power Plate™ are the ideal team for osteoporosis treatment that not only decreases bone loss, but reverses it. Research shows that use of bioDensity™ can increase bone density from 3% to 12% in just one year. 

Contact Active Health today to learn more about these treatments.

Schedule a Live bioDensity™ Demo at Active Health

Active Health is the only Palm Beach facility that offers cutting-edge bioDensity™ and Power Plate™ technology. Call us today at (561) 842-2273 to schedule a bioDensity™ demo at our Northlake Boulevard office. We look forward to discussing how bioDensity™ and Power Plate™ can become part of your osteoporosis treatment plan.

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