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Why Choose Multi-Tier Neck Pain Treatment in North Palm Beach?

Written By Active Health on December 25, 2019

text neck treatmentAccessibility is great, but smartphones don’t come without their own dangers. 

Neck pain is on the rise – affecting up to 79.5% of people each year. You never realize how important neck mobility is until stiffness and pain creep on. 

Your neck holds delicate muscles, vertebrae, ligaments, and tendons. That’s why an integrative neck pain treatment is critical for assessing the damage and encouraging long-term recovery.

Getting to the Root of Neck Pain

Some neck injuries are so small that an x-ray or MRI machine can’t pick them up! However, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. 

In your delicate cervical spine (neck), tiny fractures and strains can wreak havoc in the form of pinched nerves, headaches, and other issues – sometimes years later. 

In the case of text neck, your cervical spine gradually reshapes itself to compensate for the extra weight of your head, leading to chronic neck stiffness and shoulder pain. 

At Active Health in North Palm Beach, we have a tech-driven assessment and treatment machine called the Multiple Cervical Unit (MCU) that identifies even the slightest discrepancies in muscle tension, weakness, and range of motion.

Integrative Neck Pain Treatment in North Palm Beach, FL

Using information from your MCU assessment, your doctor will set your treatment plan specific to your individual needs. The machine will be calibrated to assist your muscles strengthening regime built just for you to address the key issues and pain areas you are uniquely suffering from. We’ll measure progress and set goals to reduce your short-term pain and stiffness while setting you up for long-term recovery. 

While gentle chiropractic adjustments are an important part of recovery, we know that strengthening your neck muscles through physical therapy is critical for consistent pain relief. You won’t find this collaborative approach at other chiropractor offices.

Depending on the extent of your neck injury, your doctor may also recommend cold laser therapy to stimulate healing or the latest regenerative therapies.

Neck pain doesn’t go away – it just gets worse and causes other problems! Schedule an appointment at Active Health today or call at 561-842-2273.