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Why is an Integrative Back Pain Treatment More Effective?

Written By Active Health on November 25, 2019

back pain treatmentDid you know that up to 80% of people in the developed world will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives? 

Whether you spend workdays on your feet or behind a desk, dull aches in your upper back and lower back spasms seem to become a fact of life after 30.

Back pain is not normal. It suggests a deeper issue and requires integrative back pain treatment from experienced professionals.

Why You Need A Multi-Tier Approach to Back Pain Treatment

What causes back pain? Many things! Your back pain may be due to an underlying issue like 

Years of poor posture and subtle injuries at work or during daily life can lead to the conditions above as well as secondary issues like sciatica, headaches, muscle spasms, and pinched nerves. 

Collaborative Herniated Disc Treatment in North Palm Beach Thriving on Communication

At Active Health in North Palm Beach, FL, our doctors and therapists take an integrative approach to combat short-term pain and support long-term pain-free recovery.

Chiropractic adjustments are vital for supporting proper musculoskeletal alignment and improving range of motion. If your back pain is due to an injured disc, your doctor may suggest non-surgical spinal decompression as a herniated disc treatment to gently relieve pressure on your damaged vertebrae and encourage healing. 

Many chiropractors neglect the physical therapy aspect of back pain recovery. Our doctors collaborate hand-in-hand with in-house physical therapists to develop personalized exercise plans based on the pain and issues you are individually experiencing. Our comprehensive approach and advanced technology are better when provided together, and make the difference in treatment outcomes.

We love to see our patients, but our goal is to give you a pain-free life so you can spend less time in our office and more time living.

Back pain doesn’t go away on its own. Don’t accept it as your new normal! Schedule an appointment today or call 561-842-2273.