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Dr. Weinberg is proud to present the most effective and complete system for the assessment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from neck pain, whiplash associated disorders (WAD), and general cervical spine disorders - the MCU- Multi-Cervical Unit.   Its advanced technology helps us perform objective evaluations and standardized treatment.

MCU provides many benefits including:

  • Decreased neck pain
  • Improved daily function
  • Improved range of motion
  • Long-term results
  • Improved neck strength
  • Maintenance of health/strength gains
  • Less chance of re-injuries

Reading. Driving. Lifting. Turning your head...
It's easy to take these movements for granted until something - like neck pain - happens to make them painful or even impossible. Neck pain is the eighth most common reason people visit their doctor - and it's estimated that about 70 percent of us will suffer from neck pain at some point in our lives. Neck pain can be caused by several factors, most commonly, whiplash, herniated or bulged discs, degenerated discs, arthritis, neck strains and tension headaches.

Many people are unaware that whiplash injuries, the most common cause of chronic neck pain, is our next pain epidemic, closely behind low back pain.

To address this need, we brought the safe, effective, non-surgical Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU) therapy to our office.

MCU succeeds in treating neck pain where other therapies have failed because it emphasizes the restoration of neck movement and strength.

Studies have shown that after MCU therapy, patients pain levels were reduced by 66 percent, strength levels improved by nearly 72 percent, and more than 90 percent of MCU patients made a full recovery! MCU therapy is also currently the only system that provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment all in one system.

We currently have a short waiting list to schedule an MCU examination.  Please call our office at 561-842-2273 or complete the form below to get your name on our waiting list.

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