Anesthesia (MUA)


Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) is a treatment option for people suffering with muscular and spinal pain. It uses twilight sedation to relax the muscles. Once relaxed, the patient is gently stretched and the fixations of the spine are released. This allows greater movement and flexibility and assists in being free from pain. Many patients awake feeling better than ever.

The protocol that is used by Dr. Weinberg was developed by Robert C. Gordon, D.C., FABCS, FRCCM, DAAPM. Dr. Gordon has performed or proctored over 5,000 MUA procedures, trained more than 1,600 doctors of varying disciplines in Gordon MUA. His writings on MUA are frequently published in the leading chiropractic and pain management journals.   He is also the author/editor of the most comprehensive MUA textbook ever published, "Manipulation Under Anesthesia: Concepts In Theory and Practice."

Dr. Gordon says on his website "Spinal manipulation under anesthesia is a procedure that primarily originated with the osteopathic profession and has been utilized for the treatment of spinal pain since the 1930’s. Documentation regarding the success and value of manipulation under anesthesia has been recorded in the osteopathic literature since 1948 when Clybourne reported in the Journal of American Osteopath Association claims of a 80%-90% success rate ... which has been maintained to this day.

In the last two decades the emphasis regarding manipulation in osteopathic education has greatly decreased. Therefore, the osteopaths who have been trained in manipulation are coming to the close of their careers or have retired.   Because of the need for continuance of this procedure, the focus on the performance of spinal manipulation under anesthesia has now shifted to chiropractic and its expertise in spinal manipulative skills.

Spinal manipulation under anesthesia is a procedure that is intended for patients who suffer from sometimes acute, but mostly chronic musculoskeletal disorders in conjunction with biomechanical aberrancies. These individuals have also been unresponsive to previous conservative therapy.

Claudia Fizell Chatham,
Former USA Olympic Athlete


"Since my MUA, I haven’t had any pain”

“I had pain both in my lower back and between my shoulder blades. At that point, the discs were bulging, whereas before, they were just very weak. I’m a high level activity person. I’m a diver, and I used to speed walk a lot, too. But I couldn’t do that anymore because my hips gave me problems. I started swimming since it was easier on me, but even that started to bother me. I did needlepoint, but I could only last about forty-five minutes before I had pain in my shoulders and neck."

“[MUA] loosened all the joints in my shoulders, and did a lot of stretching in my groin and hamstrings,” she describes. “It also worked the shoulders, hips, and knees. Since I had the MUA treatment, I haven’t had any pain at all between my shoulder blades or my lower back. I’ve been really pleased. I went diving only a week out from the procedure and I was amazed. Usually, I’m very cautious shifting tanks and so forth, because I can feel it in my back. But it didn’t bother me at all.” 

 Debbie Berquist 


“It’s amazing”

“The MUA experience was a breeze. It was no big deal. I literally carried on my normal activities every day during treatment. After the first treatment I felt a little achy, but it didn’t keep me from doing anything I wanted to do. And I had wonderful range of motion. I was shocked. The second day, I called Dr. Weinberg and said, I can look up at the sky again! This is incredible. By the third day, I was back to business as usual. I’ve always been a skeptic, but now that I’m a little older and wiser, I say you can be skeptical, but don’t short change yourself. Today I still make sure I’m looking up at the sky many times each day, because
I could never do that before. It’s amazing"



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