Gonstead Technique


Sagittal Manipulations are safe, comfortable, effective, and long-lasting. In the Gonstead Technique of Chiropractic,vertebrae are nudged forward, in the sagittal plane, rather than twisted in rotation. Sagittal manipulations are particularly safe because they minimize rotation and they are comfortable for the same reason. They are effective because they correct the fundamental problem. When a vertebra 'subluxates' (slips out of place) it falls backwards off its disc.  Gonstead corrections nudge the vertebra forward back into place. Because they correct the underlying problem, they provide long-lasting or even permanent relief.

In the nineteen twenties, Dr. Clarence Gonstead observed that when the spine fails a vertebra slips posterior; it "falls" backwards off of its disc. When he corrected that posteriority, he got simply amazing clinical results.

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