Nimmo Receptor-tonus Technique is a systematic approach which uses ischemic compression to remove myofascial trigger points. The doctor is instructed to search for and correct these points which bombard the nervous system and give rise to subluxations by the hypermyotonia they produce in the skeletal system.

Trigger points arise from several causes, such as acute or chronic muscular overload, direct trauma, poor posture, chilling of a muscle and even emotional stress. Once a trigger point has occurred, due to metabolic stasis in the area of the TP, waste products begin to accumulate. These waste products are nerve irritants (bradykinin, serotonin, hyaluronic acid, etc.) which, in turn, produce and perpetuate pain. Due to the accumulation of waste products, the blood supply to the area is decreased and ischemia and resultant pain are felt by the patient.

The treatment consists of sustained pressure for a specified length of time, usually five to seven seconds, but lesser time for some TP’s. The pressure is applied to the patient’s tolerance, always mindful of the pain threshold variances in each patient. Proper spacing of the office visits, and knowing which muscle groups to treat are important factors in determining patients’ responses.

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