Eccentron™ - Negative Resistance Trainer 

Active Health Center is a proud partner of BTE, a company that has brought state-of-the-art technology into clinics worldwide, such as the Eccentron™. Dr. Weinberg and his experienced team have incorporated this cutting edge equipment into their practice for two years now. The Eccentron™ is geared towards athletes, seniors that suffer from gait problems, individuals that suffer from cardiopulmonary issues, or need general rehab.

What are the benefits of using the Eccentron™?

  • IMPROVES BALANCE - Safely increases strength and stability for improved balance, mobility, and decreased fall risk

  • CARDIOPULMONARY - Provides measurable strengthening for those with low cardiac output

  • EASY ON THE BODY - Allows you to make major improvements without high impact exercises

  • GENERAL REHAB - Controlled treatment and single leg tracking 

  • ENHANCES OVERALL ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE – strength, power, reaction, and agility

  • BUILDS MUSCLES FOR LONG-ENDURANCE - builds fast twitch muscles used in powerful burst movements, and boosts spring quality with high load, high repetition eccentric training

What is the Eccentron™?

The Eccentron™ is a special eccentric training system. It is not to be confused for an elliptical, stepper, or bike, and is different from any therapy or athletic training device that has been seen or used before. The Eccentron™ uses eccentric exercises that allow strength training without over-exerting oneself or getting out of breath.

What is Eccentric Exercise?

Eccentric exercise is the act of muscles lengthening under force (eccentric contraction), such as when you’re lowering a weight, sitting down in a chair, going down a flight of stairs, or walking downhill. Eccentric muscle work occurs every day.

How do you use the Eccentron™?

Using the Eccentron™ is quite easy and fun to use! You resist the moving pedals at your own strength ability (the system pushes while you resist). The Eccentron™ is targeted towards your individual needs and allows you to work at your own optimum level.

The Eccentron™ visually shows each session’s performance and illustrates your continuing advancement over the full course of treatment. Treatment and performance results varies by patient.

The Eccentron™ has played a major role in Active Health Center’s rehabilitation and physical therapy programs in the Palm Beach County area. Please contact us today at 561-842-2273 to see if the Eccentron™ will work for you! 

Please click here to download a more detailed brochure on the Eccentron™!



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