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Our Mission

Teamwork Hands

Active Health will always strive for excellence in delivering a comprehensive patient experience with the highest quality natural health-related services. We will create and maintain affordable, quality services to help people stay pain-free, healthy, active and feeling young. Our friendly, collaborative atmosphere will consistently exceed patient expectations and promote long-term loyalty. 

We promise to provide every patient:

  • Leading healthcare solutions with natural health-related services
  • Create, maintain and deliver the highest quality services in a friendly cooperative atmosphere.
  • Get results by helping people stay pain-free, healthy, active and feeling young while delivering a consistently positive value-added experience at a fair and affordable fee.
  • The perfect environment that exceeds expectations and inspires them to share their experience with family and friends.

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Core Values List

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Working For Active Health

  • Company culture fueled by an abundance mindset
  • We are results driven, our team knows how to set and hit goals
  • We exist for our patients' success
  • We are a team of self starters and don't let roadblocks slow us down
  • Integrity is a core value
  • Our team members go the extra mile for each other's success
  • Fast is better than slow
  • Health is valuable and is not a "nice to have"


Is This You?

  • Loves finding the root cause of a patient's health problem 
  • Passionate about patient care
  • Dependable, fun, proactive leader, pleasantly persistent
  • Loves working with a team
  • Continues to seek higher education and further clinical skills
  • Takes their own health as a priority
  • Is a high performer

Patients Love
Active Health

I have been a patient of Active Health Center for almost 10 years. As a Woodworker I do tons of lifting and movements that at times over the years created issues. The doctors at Active Health are so talented and gifted they always go to the root cause and fix the issues as if it were their own problem. They are like family to me... extremely grateful. 

- Abner Zambrano

Join a Team Passionate About Real Impact

Active Health Center Team

Wish you worked at a place that truly made an impact in people's lives? Worked with a team who has each other's backs? Practice what they preach and always show up with purpose!

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