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Collaborative Medical Care for Lifelong Health and Wellness

Active Health Serving Florida Communities for 30 Years!

Led by Dr. Marc Weinberg, DC, our team of healthcare professionals and dedicated staff recognize that the best patient care is most often achieved through a combination of diverse treatments, therapies and technology. To ensure that we deliver on that potential, our providers work together in an open, collaborative environment that allows us to leverage their individual strengths and expertise across multiple healthcare disciplines, including regenerative medicine, peripheral neuropathy, chiropractic, physical therapy - all treatments that help avoid surgery or prescription medications. By doing so, we’re able to deliver more effective, integrated and personalized care that leads to better outcomes for our patients today, while contributing to new health and healing possibilities for the future.

Our Mission to serve:

Active Health will always strive for excellence in delivering a comprehensive patient experience with the highest quality natural health related services. We will create and maintain affordable, quality services to help people stay pain-free, healthy, active and feeling young. Our friendly, collaborative atmosphere will consistently exceed patient expectations and promote long-term loyalty.

We promise to provide every patient:

  • Leading Healthcare solutions with natural health related services
  • Create, maintain and deliver the highest quality services in a friendly cooperative atmosphere.
  • Get results by helping people stay pain-free, healthy, active and feeling young while delivering a consistently positive value-added experience at a fair and affordable fee.
  • The perfect environment that exceeds expectations and inspires them to share their experience with family and friends.