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5 Tips for Proper Sitting Posture While You Work from Home

Written By Active Health on June 5, 2020

Improve PostureAt Active Health Center, we've been putting our patients and thier goals at the center of everything we do for more than 30 years. As millions of Americans find themselves working from home at improvised workstations, neck pain is no doubt on the rise. 

Up to 79% of people experience at least one episode of neck pain each year. You can expect that figure to max out with more companies encouraging remote work.

Neck pain isn’t necessarily inevitable. By practicing proper computer posture and computer ergonomics you can reduce pain and prevent it from returning.

What Causes Neck Pain from Desk Work?

Your delicate cervical spine (your neck) is tasked with the job of holding your head. This might not seem so important, but even with proper sitting posture your head still weighs between ten and 12 pounds.

Angling your neck ever so slightly multiplies the force on your spine, making your head feel up to 60 pounds heavier to your neck. 

Combine that with raised shoulders, crossed legs, and slouched backs and you have a posture disaster on your hands. 

How to Encourage Proper Computer Posture While Working from Home

Luckily, with a little self-awareness and some ergonomics you can avoid neck and back pain.

  1. Don’t Perch: Sit all the way back against your chair and pull yourself in close to your desk.
  2. Adjust your devices: Your elbows should create a 90-degree angle.
  3. Position your monitor: Your computer monitor should be at eye level.
  4. Stand up: Shift to a standing desk for at least a few hours each day.
  5. Consider special computer ergonomics: A kneeling chair works wonders for relieving pressure on your low back and neck, for example.

Let Active Health in North Palm Beach Help You Achieve Proper Sitting Posture

The of team of chiropractic doctors and physical therapists at Active Health in North Palm Beach can help adjust your spinal imbalances and strengthen weak muscles contributing to poor posture and pain. From your very first visit, every patient is valued and treated like family.

Meanwhile, innovative Multi-Cervical Unit Therapy offers the most advanced technology available for identifying and treating common neck injuries from all causes.

At Active Health Center, we believe in what we do-and in what we can accomplish together with our patients. Call Now to schedule an appointment at 561-842-2273.

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